ECLIPSE SUPELEC 2018 – Show Direction

The Visionz Live Experience 

Since three years we are lucky to be involved in one of Paris Major EDM event. This year we had to handle total control on lights and visuals, and also provide our special show for Mosimann & Henri PFR

We came up with what we’re the best at it : Dynamic lights and visuals.

Working with Ultravision’s team lights whrer controlled on Grand Ma 2 & Visuals on Resolume enhancing each dj set with a strong and unique visual show.

LIght Operator : Zyper

Vj : Wtflow

Technic : Ultravision

Dj’s : 

Henri PFR


Dada Life


Discover more about Wtflow

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JAY HARDWAY – VJing Live @ RFM Somnii & Sunrise Polen

JAY HARDWAY – VJing Live @ RFM Somnii & Sunrise Polen

   JAY HARDWAY Vjing Live @ RFM Somnii & Sunrise Polen   We were lucky to join Dutch Dj Jay Hardway on tour for his show at RFM Somnii & Sunrise Polen. As he's part of the rare real djs working with him was really challenging as we had no prepared...

LH4L – Visual Pack 2018

LH4L – Visual Pack 2018

   LH4L - 2018 Visual Pack Back to Basics   Working with people that have a real artistic vision is always a great experience and an oportunity to expore new ideas. LH4L is one of them, old member of the famous Point Point band, he came up with a clear...

GHOULIGAN – Visual Pack 2018

GHOULIGAN – Visual Pack 2018

GHOULIGAN - 2018 Visual Pack LIquid & Colorfull Louisville's twerk team captain and resident DJ at Play. Ghouligan asked us for new visuals to enhance her live show. We came up with some liquid & colorfull visuals that fits perfectly to her musical style and have...

HYPE CLUB – Visual Pack 2018

HYPE CLUB – Visual Pack 2018

HYPE CLUB Visual Pack 2018 Gold & Confettis Hype Club is a new French Nightclub that went to a complete technical refresh at the beginning of the year. With new LED wall came new visuals and we helped them to build up their new visual show with some nice looking...