ECLIPSE SUPELEC 2018 – Show Direction

The Visionz Live Experience 

Since three years we are lucky to be involved in one of Paris Major EDM event. This year we had to handle total control on lights and visuals, and also provide our special show for Mosimann & Henri PFR

We came up with what we’re the best at it : Dynamic lights and visuals.

Working with Ultravision’s team lights whrer controlled on Grand Ma 2 & Visuals on Resolume enhancing each dj set with a strong and unique visual show.

LIght Operator : Zyper

Vj : Wtflow

Technic : Ultravision

Dj’s : 

Henri PFR


Dada Life


Discover more about Wtflow

Discover more about Zyper

Discover more about Ultravision :

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