Trapcode Tao – First pictures

Trapcode Tao – First pictures

Trapcode Tao – First Pictures

What would be our vj world without the amazing Trapcode plugin suite ?

Trapcode was created in 2001 by Swedish man Peder Norrby and Published by American company Red Giant Software. Since then they have release some very famous plugin like Particular, Form, Mir, 3D Strokes and many many more. Their plugin have been used in blockbuster movies, all over the internet and by almost every Vj/Motion designer.


TAO gif01

We are happy to present you the first pictures of the Next Trapcode Plugin : Tao

Tao looks like a fusion between Form and 3D Strokes. We ask our man Zyper what he think about these first preview and infos.

“Tao looks like that advanced particle system, but without 500K particles to render ! I think he will get the advanced functions from Mir, Lines or Point rendering with advanced shading and material control. Also if I refer to the renders from the Trapcode team it looks like you can cut the line in separate 3D objects and that is really new and heavy. I can’t really explain how much excited I am to get my hands on that new plugin, but with just these first preview it gives me a lot of ideas to make some crazy new Vj tools.”



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