Want to improve yourself and share your own visionz ? Join the team !

Want to improve yourself and share your own visionz ? Join the team !

Share your Visionz and join our team.

We have release more than 110 visuals on our labels (even 70 for free), they have been downloaded thousands of time all around the globe, travel with the biggest artists and find their place from the biggest festivals to the smallest nightclubs. We are connected with so many countries and can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you show us and our artists.




As we always look to improve ourself and our work we think it’s time to integrate some new elements with fresh ideas. We are looking for :

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VJ/Motion Designer :

We are open to every new Vj/Visual artist who wants to share his work on our label. We’re looking for dynamic and original stuff that works great in every situation. We are more focuse on some good animation instead of huge motion graphics. So feel free to send any kind of work, if it’s not good enough we will help you to bring it to the next level.

We offer you great support and connexions with our actual artists. Also some gigs opportunities in France are to come, and we can help you to develop yourself in you own country.



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Beta tester :

We also look to have some good feedback from professional Vjs, so if you want to join our “beta tester” team feel free to contact us.

We are looking for vjs who have residency and perform several time a week. We will send you a lot of files that will be updated several times and need some interesting feedback to make the new stuff even more adapted to what you need. We also need people that can speak a bit of english (not perfect don’t worry) to write us feedback and share a lot of ideas and point of view.

We offer you an opportunity to improve yourself and share ideas ideas with some other people. Also you will get a lot of new exclusiv material and get the opportunity to go a step deeper into you loops and your vjing.



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Any Other :

If you have any other talent and want to help us in our Vjing developement feel free to contact us and propose us anything you want.


Get in Touch

For all the contact write us an email at contact@visionz.fr, we sadly can’t accept everybody but answer everybody and will always help you to improve yourself

Resolume 4.2.1 Update

Resolume 4.2.1 Free Maintenance Release

The guys from Resolume just released a new Avenue & Arena versions. No new features, but a lot of bug fix and improvements.

We use Resolume almost everyday since three years right now, and just want to thank the guys for all the hardwork, the software is more fast and stable than never before and this makes us able to bring our vjing to the next level.


Here are the details of what’s improved, if you want more infos visit their website : www.resolume.com

[FIXED] BlackMagic Intensity (Pro) jumps to 0x0 resolution after moving clip or reloading
[FIXED] Thumbnailing fails on short clips
[FIXED] Clip sometimes shows last frame on resync
[FIXED] Retrigger and Continue modes are confused if clip start offset is set in preferences
[FIXED] Continue on clip with in and outpoint no worky
[FIXED] Comp Midi map shortcuts for Clip Transport BPM Sync /2 and *2 are not saved
[FIXED] Window background color black instead of White
[FIXED] DXV 3 compression memory leak
[FIXED] Instant crash with non clean aperture DXV3 file
[FIXED] DXV 3 No Quicktime FFmpeg fallback no worky
[FIXED] Transitions don’t work on PC with DXV3HQ files and sources with alpha
[FIXED] QuickLook plugin prevents files from being deleted
[FIXED] QuickLook plugin breaks Photo Jpeg thumbnailing
[FIXED] Solid Color effect jumps to pink on 1.0
[FIXED] Some plugins crash on start
[FIXED] Some plugins have memory leaks

Download the new version : HERE

Also checkout our tutorials about how to use our visuals in Resolume : HERE

Video Copilot – Element 3D V2.2 // Now Available!

Video Copilot – Element 3D V2.2

One of our favorite Motion Graphics Company and biggest inspiration since many years just released their new 3D plugin for after effect. If you need great 3D animation without open a complex 3D programe like Cinema 4D or 3DS Max, this is the best solution.

Big up to Andrew Kramer and his team, this is really an awesome plugin.


Top Features:

Group Symmetry Creation Mode
Dynamic Group Folder Reflections
Matte Reflection Mode
Updated UI with speed improvements
Matte Shadow with Alpha Channel
Improved material visibility options
Save Group Folder as E3D file
Export OBJ Utility
Improved C4D support file support with animation
Randomized Raytrace samples for multi-pass motion blur


For more infos :

Element 3D V2.2 Now Available!

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 – What’s New

Adobe After Effect CC 2015 – What’s New

Adobe released the new Creative cloud version or 2015. Let’s see what’s the new features and improvements in After Effect.


Whant to see More ?

You can find the total descriptions of all the new features and improvements : HERE
Also you can find all the feature that are no longer available in After Effect 13.5 : HERE

VZ004 – ZYPER – Fractal Lines // OUT NOW !!!

VZ004 – ZYPER – Fractal Lines // OUT NOW !!!

We are proud to present you our new official release : Fractal Lines

This serie brings you 10 full HD vj loops. Slower, Smoother, and with and unique digital look, these new loops will fit perfect on you breaks and will put your underground vjing to the next level.

Check it out in our Visual Shop : HERE

See More : HERE