FVZ008 – ZYPER – Cubes 01 // Out Soon for FREE

After all that 2D colored premium series we think it’s time to share some new free stuff so that everybody can play with it. As we know you love him, we ask Zyper if he can do a new Lines serie for us, but he came up with something even stronger… Some brand new 3D experiments

“I made a lot of 3D stuff in 2014 but nothing very perfect and never finished. Creating 3D stuff is much more complex even in the process than in the result. You have to move your stuff in 3D space and find the right lights and shadows. Also looping these animations gives me nightmares to make it look as perfect as my 2D stuff.

Finally I’m really happy with that first “3D” Serie and I’m really proud to be able to share it as a free release on Visionz. I hope you guys will like it”


So we are proud to present you our new Free Visionz Serie : Cubes 01

This one take the lines spirit but with a more powerful 3D design. It react great on every music style and will match with all your effects and custom mapping projects.

Stay tune it will be available very soon.

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