BEEPLE – ZERO-DAY // You need to watch this !


If you are in the Vj world you need to know Beeple, if not, you can’t tell yourself a “VJ”. Beeple is one of the most popular motion designer on the internet and shares his content for free with the project files so that you can understand how he did it.

He’s free motion design videos are available for free on his vimeo chanel :
He produce amazing graphics every day on his facebook page :
He also share all his content and project files on his website :


Beeple is also famous in the vj world to produce content for artists like Zedd and many others, even Beeple isn’t really a Vj himself.






During the last months we didn’t see so much new materials from him, but it was just to better impress us. Today beeple is back and we just saw one of the most inspiring video ever ! Zero-Day is an amazing piece of art where in a digital universe every movement is synced with one element of the audio. You enter in a perfect futuristic world where everything looks so perfect that you just want to start running through these robots and other mecanic elements. And when you think you saw something unique, it just goes more crazy !



As Beeple is a genius he also release a “behind the scene” video and share all the project files and elements on his website


If you want to know more about this crazy project, checkout this interwiev from the man himself :