Trapcode Suite 13 is OUT !!!

Trapcode Suite 13 is OUT !!!


The trapcode plug ins are the most popular in motion graphics and are behind thousands of vj loops. Every new update give us more power, and new tools to create awesome Vj loops even more faster.

So we are really happy to see that the new trapcode tao is finally here and our favorite Particular and Mir receive a new update with some awesome new features.







Trapcode Tao is an entirely new, incredibly powerful tool for generating 3D geometries along a path, in Adobe After Effects. It’s very deep, and feature rich, but here are the basic bullet points:

  • Create beautiful complex motion graphics with animated ribbons, geometric shapes, and more.
  • Generates procedural 3D geometries using built-in auto paths, mask shapes, and the motion from 3D lights.
  • Two levels of repeaters give you the ability to take simple paths and turn them into complex geometric animations.
  • Create photo-real motion graphics with textures and included reflection/environment maps.
  • Loop animations for motion graphics and backgrounds with Trapcode Tao’s powerful offset and looping system.
  • GPU-accelerated, so that features like image based lighting, reflection maps, and ambient occlusion, all render at incredible speeds.






  • While you can still work the regular Particular UI, Particular 2.5 includes a new Effects Builder, for visually creating particle effect. In the builder you can add adjustable blocks with preset behaviors and styles or add complete, customizable particle effects instantly. The Effects Builder gives instant visual feedback, making the building and previewing of effects an intuitive and creative experience.
  • 130+ New presets – Particular 2.5 Includes over 130 new Effects Builder presets, giving you over 180 fully-customizable presets for creating flames, spaceflight, fireworks, explosions, smoke and more.New Sprites and Polygons – Particular 2.5 includes over a hundred still and animated sprite images, easily loaded through the new Effects Builder.
  • New “Over Life” Graphs give you more control over the size and opacity of particles over life. The new graphing system lets you draw curves and adjust points easily. Draw from scratch, or start with presets and adjust.
  • The new explode behavior automates the process of creating explosion effects by removing the need to set keyframes.
  • With the new Aspect Ratio control, you can change the aspect ratio of your particles, giving you the ability to stretch or compress the shape or sprite image. Quickly turn spheres into ovals, squares into rectangles, and much more. Two new Particle types has been added, giving you the ability to create procedural generated square and circle shaped particles.
  • Particular 2.5 can render up to 30 Million particles (previously 20 Million), giving you more power, flexibility and particle awesomeness than ever before.






  • Mir 2 adds the ability to spiralize the mesh, deforming the surface with spiral rotation.
  • Trapcode Mir 2 now includes the ability to create seamless looping fractal-based backgrounds.
  • Choose between quad or triangle-based polygons for your surfaces.
  • Add a second-pass wire-frame on top of your Mir surface. Great for creating grid overlays on terrains and more.
  • Choose one of three modes for texture sampling. Choose “Nearest” for an unfiltered rendering, “Linear” to smooth gradients, and “Solid Face” to give each polygon a single color.
  • Take control of the displacement by setting Z-Range minimums and maximums. Great for creating plateaus and craters on your surfaces.
  • Choose from 4 different types of Fractal Distortions for varying displacements of the mesh: Regular, Multi, SmoothRidge, Multi SmoothRidge.
  • Mir 2 includes many performance enhancements including up to 3x optimized rendering speeds and improved VRAM management.



For more infos and all the new features check this link :

BEEPLE – ZERO-DAY // You need to watch this !


If you are in the Vj world you need to know Beeple, if not, you can’t tell yourself a “VJ”. Beeple is one of the most popular motion designer on the internet and shares his content for free with the project files so that you can understand how he did it.

He’s free motion design videos are available for free on his vimeo chanel :
He produce amazing graphics every day on his facebook page :
He also share all his content and project files on his website :


Beeple is also famous in the vj world to produce content for artists like Zedd and many others, even Beeple isn’t really a Vj himself.






During the last months we didn’t see so much new materials from him, but it was just to better impress us. Today beeple is back and we just saw one of the most inspiring video ever ! Zero-Day is an amazing piece of art where in a digital universe every movement is synced with one element of the audio. You enter in a perfect futuristic world where everything looks so perfect that you just want to start running through these robots and other mecanic elements. And when you think you saw something unique, it just goes more crazy !



As Beeple is a genius he also release a “behind the scene” video and share all the project files and elements on his website


If you want to know more about this crazy project, checkout this interwiev from the man himself :




Bug fixes in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1)

Bug fixes in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1)

After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1)

After our CC2015 presentation we got a lot of messages telling us that the new preview system didn’t work perfectly all the time and that the audio playback wasn’t as good as promised. Good new guys, Adobe just released a update who fix all that problems.

Here is a list of some improvements :

  • Fixed a problem that caused After Effects to not respond to commands to stop previews or to respond slowly when changing layer parameters, including entering text in a text layer. When the Warp Stabilizer VFX and 3D Camera Tracker effects were present anywhere in the project, they caused After Effects to become unresponsive to keyboard and mouse input during frame renders.
  • Audio now starts immediately during previews.
  • Stopping an audio preview returns the current-time indicator (CTI) to the previous position, as it did in previous versions of After Effects.
  • Adding audio markers during a preview (by pressing * on the numeric keypad) no longer causes the preview frame rate to slow down, which then caused audio to drop or stutter.
  • Scrubbing audio slowly now has a delay before beginning a loop around the CTI.
    The CTI and preview-time indicator (PTI) no longer disappear after scrubbing audio.
  • Auto-trace has been rewritten to address problems with the new threading architecture.
  • The z-axis handle on 3D layers works as expected.
  • Changes to Camera Raw settings apply to the footage as expected and without causing Photoshop File Format errors.
    MXF files from Sony cameras again import as expected.
  • Audio plug-ins like Trapcode Sound Keys and BorisFX Beat Reactor now function correctly.
  • Multiple copies of certain effects, like those from RE:Vision Effects, no longer produce errors about I_MIX_GUID_DEPENDENCIES.

Complete list and infos :



Also I you haven’t do it here’s the zyper presentation of all the new functions and possibilities :